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Your objectives and expectations are outlined during first point of contact, whether this be at your home, on site or at our showroom. We then look at our range of products and brands and gauge an understanding of your style and what you desire from your new bathroom. Budget, timing and the location of the project will also be assessed during the initial planning.


Once we have gathered all the necessary information from the initial planning, We then develop your bespoke project and present it using the very latest 3D CAD technology. This plan is then presented in our showroom where adjustments are made accordingly to suit your requirements. Delivery and installation dates are covered during this stage. Functionality, practicality and wow factor are key principles incorporated in the design process.



The installation team will ensure you a stress free experience. A site preparation from electrical to plumbing is assessed to ensure the bathroom installation is a smooth process from start to finish. We will be on hand  throughout the installation and will ensure your new bathroom is fitted stress free and within the desired time scale.

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